Jacks or Better: Rules of Playing The Game

It is not surprising that Poker has ended up with a continuously growing list of variations today due to its popularity that has already encompasses the whole globe. Although the variations are numerous, there are some which stood out and remained classics for players to play. Jacks or Better Poker is a part of these variations that have become more popular than its peers. It is also only logical that you may have already heard of it before, because being the first variant of Pokies, its mechanics and the way to play it is basically the closest to the original of the game.

Why is Jacks or Better Popular?

There are many reasons for this but, the most evident one is the fact that comes from its title. With just a hand that contains a jack or even a better card like King or Queen, you could already get the lowest amount of payout in the game. Of course, your prize would increase as you make better hands or combinations of cards within the game.

Before you proceed playing this game though, it is important to know its rules first, the hands you could play along with free bonus and other things that you could take advantage of. Canada players or not, would surely be able to get heaps of advantages from the information provided below.

How To Play The Game

If you've played Pokies before, then you ought to understand that you would have to make an 'Ante' before being dealt with your initial five-hand card. The ante is a forced bet and this is only a portion of the minimum bet that you could make. More often than not, the most forced bet you could make is up to 25% of the minimum bet and after the players make this, they would be provided with the cards.

Rounds of betting will ensue after the cards have been dealt and the players would have the option to discard their hands for better hands or retain their current hand. The rounds would go on and on until the last round wherein a showdown between the hands of the players would happen. Of course, the winner of the last round would be the one with a better hand that their opponents and the pot would go to them.

Hands or Card Combinations

High Cards or Jacks or better which refers to Jack, Queen, King and Ace, is at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to this type of game. Afterwards, there are other types of combinations that you could make in order to fight against your competition.

There's a two to a Royal Flush, Three to a Straight Flush, Four to a Straight, Four To A Flush and a Three to A Royal Flush. These combinations basically refer to having a combination of cards that are part of the combinations mentioned with them. For example, two to a royal flush includes two cards that could help a player secure or make a Royal Flush combination. This goes true for the other types aforementioned.

There's also the two pairs which refers to having two cards with the same number or symbol on them. A straight on the other hand, refers to having a card combination with consecutive number or symbols like 2 to 6 and others. Cards on this combination doesn't necessarily need to be within the same suite. There's also three of a kind which refers to combination with three same numbers, a flush with a hand of the same suite, along with a full house composting of a pair along with three of a kind. There's also the four of a kind hand, a straight flush and a royal flush. The Royal Flush has the most outstanding payout out of all the hands in this variation of the game and it involves having 5 cards that are consecutive to each other and specifically refers to 10, Jack, Queen, King and an Ace.

How To Win

It is best that you read more about diverse strategy you could employ when playing jacks or better. After equipping yourself with the right knowledge, start playing the game for fun and in order to hone your skills. You could do this by taking advantage of free casino bonus or codes that you can find online. This would allow you to test the waters in a site or a game, and at the same time, you'll be able to familiarize yourself with the game even more.